The NeuroCoach® Training System for Professionals and Clinicians is specifically designed for therapists, clinicians, coaches, and medical/health professionals and facilities.  The NeuroCoach® Training System offers a Clinical Use Only Module for clinical and professional providers and their clients based on diagnostic tools, therapeutic assessments, Predictive Analytics Report, NeuroCodex® evaluations, neuroelectric data collection and reports of findings specific to each client and their needs. Whether your client base is children, adolescents, or adults the NeuroCoach® Training System is designed to work with each specific age and population for appropriate brain repair. From PTSD to depression, from ADD to memory issues, or from traumatic brain injury to addiction recovery we have programs that can start at any level for the appropriate advancement of your client.

Program Focus

Identify and Repair: Repair and improve effects of Traumatic Brain Injuries

Create customized treatments for Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, and Addictions

Create customized brain repair therapies for ADHD and Learning Issues

Create customized tools for Clinicians and their clients

Monitor EMDR transition states and effectiveness

Enhance and Repair Memory