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The NTLgroup® NeuroEval™ analyzes over 300 dimensions of brain activity as it relates to attention, memory, learning, thinking, perception, affect and expression.  These tEEG quantified measurements are combined with our proprietary NeuroCognitive assessments and algorithms that take place during the brain mapping and neuro-imaging. All this data is then analyzed and summarized into a customized NeuroCodeX® Report of Findings.

The NeuroCodeX® Report of Findings is designed to determine not only where, but also why the brain is not functioning properly. In short, the analysis identifies the specific areas of the brain that need strengthening or balancing.

We look at the individual’s neuro-function, neuro-development, physiology, and bio-chemistry and combine that with the development of the individual’s personality and various skill levels, and then finally, add in environmental effects and how each interacts with the other. The process compares each individual’s brain with age appropriate and peer determined norms. 

Using the latest technology, neuro-imaging, and evidence-based assessments, the NeuroCodeX® Report of Findings summarizes the results of the analysis and provides one of the most comprehensive and powerful reports available.

It is an effective tool that makes sense of all the data collected and presents the information in a systematic, easy to understand format that helps clinicians, healthcare professionals, clients and family members understand the brain and its function.  

For each individual the NeuroCodeX® intake, data collections, evaluations, data analysis, interpretation, can identify loss of function or missing stages of development that may hinder performance. This is true for children with neurodevelopment delays, as well as adults who have received head injuries or have brain trauma due to addictions or PTSD. 

It can also help the individual, who wishes to maintain or enhance their brain performance to elite status, to keep their cognitive abilities sharp and optimized.

The NeuroCodex® Report of Findings

The NeuroCodex® Report of Findings will detail the problems that have been identified through the NeuroEval™ and will recommend the appropriate solutions that target specific brain areas. As a tool, it focuses on the many different aspects of cognitive development and cognitive rehabilitation and improvement by providing measurable insights into an individual’s neurofunction. Based on the findings a complete cognitive rehabilitation training program is designed for the individual that focuses on their specific deficits found in the analysis.

The NeuroCodeX® Report of Findings highlights the individual’s current brain function and cognitive abilities. Based on NeuroEval™ results, a summary of concerns, as well as indexes that show the various individual’s brain function is presented:

  • Current Functional IQ
  • Stress Default Index
  • Regualtion Ability
  • Resillence/Relapse Index
  • Being Present in the Moment 
  • Emotional Recovery Index

Additionally, the NeuroCodex takes into account each individuals major concerns and complaints in order to compare what the client’s chief concerns are (subjective) compared to what the actual brain function shows (objective).

The clinician can help their client work through their concerns, armed with both perceived and actual issues.

The NeuroCodeX® Report of Findings highlights graphically the functional or cognitive brain imbalances between the individual client and that of their age normal counterparts. 

The Report also indicates biomarkers for possible further medical testing that may be needed, such as medical health issues (blood flow, thyroid, glucose, lymes, etc), food and environmental allergies, toxic issues, etc. as they relate to the brain.

Similar to the Predictive Analytics Report (PAR), The NeuroCodeX® Report of Findings analyzes various interactive systems for each individual.  Depending on their measured functional abilities vs how they use their cognitive abilities or restricted/compromised capabilities will be reflected in brain system interactions and ultimately in personal expressions.

Reports generated by The NeuroCodeX® Report of Findings analysis method are targeted towards answering specific neurophysiological questions within targeted populations ranging from child neurodevelopment, adult neurofunction deficits and head trauma, to specialized reports that focus on addiction issues.

The NeuroCodeX® Report of Findings recommends targeted programs that can assist in correcting brain-based issues. NeuroCoach® implements these individualized programs to help successfully overcome brain deficits or maintain brain optimization.

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