Enhance & improve reaction speed and accuracy for athletes in training

The NeuroCoach® Training System for Elite Brain Performance helps train the brain to remain flexible, resilient and maximize brain performance under stress. The training assumption is that if key neural circuits are coupled with proper problem-solving skills, resilient adaptive behaviors emerge. This includes, but is not limited to, decision making on the field or off, motor skills, field perception, and responses.

Train the brain like you train the body

The NeuroCoach® brain activities and training program works much like circuit training in the gym. 

In circuit training, there typically are a set of machines dedicated to working the arms, chest, legs etc. Each machine is set to a person’s body mechanics – size, weight, age and goals. Then depending on the type of training one is attempting to achieve, such as strength or conditioning a set amount of weight and number of reps are assigned by the trainer. This continues until the desired training goal is met.

The NeuroCoach® training system is very similar in that our proprietary brain exercises have been developed in a game format that determines which brain systems are engaged during each activity. Each activity uses NTLgroup age-normed databases to determine and modify the challenge level of each activity (exercise) based on the real-time measurements of brain responses.

You know how to focus on specific parts of the body to train certain muscles. NTLGroup trains specific sections of the brain to enhance cognitive performance.

Develop Elite Cognitive Athletic Performance

We currently work with professional and aspiring athletes, as well as youth athletic communities to provide enhancement and improvements in the following cognitive domains:

General Cognitive Abilities



Task Motivation

Task Engagement

Cognitive Load

Cognitive Fatigue

Attention Accuracy

Inhibitory Processing Speed (Distractions)

Inhibitory Control Accuracy

Task Error Response

The result is the Elite Performance required by athletes that demands sharper, faster and more accurate responses in work and performance.

How We Train the Brain

With the aid of a Brain Computer Interface (BCI), NTLGroup’s NeuroCoach® Training System uses a set of brain performance metrics to let the user know how their brain is functioning and performing ….. “in the moment”. We set training levels based on the individual’s cognitive abilities testing results that are collected during the NeuroCodeX evaluation and then monitor the brain circuit responses in real-time while the individual is performing each activity during their NeuroCoach® session.

We measure the individual’s brain responses for neurocircuit performance improvements such as interaction capacity and resiliency to brain fatigue.  As these real-time measures improve, the activity or exercise level of difficulty also increases – much like adding more weight or reps in circuit training in a gym environment. In this way, we can increase cognitive load and resiliency under stress which in turn builds greater neural circuitry capacity (cognitive strength) that in turn builds greater brain resiliency (conditioning) to stress.

A set of gauges monitors and provides instant visual feedback and therefore insight into how that individual’s brain is performing during each task, which in turn strengthens and increases their cognitive performance.

Each NeuroCoach® training activity was designed to work on specific brain functions and their interactive components. During each session, the client works on and balances all brain systems being trained…not just one or two areas of the brain. 

Our goal is to train the brain to reorganize towards performance optimization. Results continually show in the clinical population an average IQ score gain of 15 to 18 points.

We don’t make folks smarter, but we do allow their brain to be fully optimized so each individual has access to all brain functions and resources more quickly and efficiently.

Our Process

Part 1: Map the Brain

The NeuroEval™ and NeuroCodex® Analysis is a proprietary process that identifies dysfunctional areas of the brain through neuro-electric imaging methods and modalities. The analysis utilizes evidence-based methods and tools to define as precisely as possible an individual’s brain function.

Part 2: Exercise the brain

The NeuroCoach® Training System is a proprietary hardware/software program that uses 2, 8 or 32 channel dry or wet sensors secured in a cap and placed on the head. These sensors align to specific areas of the brain for targeted brain function exercises.

Part 3: Achieve and refine results

The NTL CogCheck™ evaluator provides a comprehensive set of measures needed to yield insight into how the brain is operating under task and activity. The proprietary metrics provide a framework for developing and implementing an evidence-based individualized training program.

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Proven results

IQ increases 15-18 points
Cognitive Efficiency increases 12-17 points
Processing Speed increases 7-12 points
Distractibility increases 15-20 points
Focus increases 15-20 points
Memory increases 15-35 points

How coaches, trainers and clinicians can help their clients

A NeuroEngineered Approach to looking “inside” your client’s brain functions.

Cutting edge technology, tools, and programs help sort out issues that affect your clients. From the technologically advanced NeuroEval to reports generated based on that data, you can help your client through targeted engagement.

Whether you’re a therapist treating anxiety, depression or addiction or you’re a coach creating protocols to remediate concussions, NTLgroup can give you the systems to help your clients improve their lives and heal more effectively. Learn more about how NTLgroup can help your business.

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