Neuroengineering combines the fields of neuroscience, engineering, biology, physics, mathematics, neurology and psychology for the purpose of advancing methodologies for recording, imaging and analyzing normal and abnormal brain activity.

Using an engineering approach that combines neuro-imaging, computer design and approved psychology assessments  has allowed the NTLgroup® Research Group to design the latest, cutting-edge assessments and programs for brain development and rehabilitation.  The NeuroEval™ Assessment  uses evidence-based numbers and algorithms to establish baseline readings of brain function and processing through brain mapping and couples that with multiple cognitive abilities testing instruments.  NeuroCodeX® uses this raw data and translates it into an easy to understand display of charts, graphs and text specific to every area of the brain.  The report of findings can be easily understood by clients and their family members, but is based on scientific protocols that therapists, psychologists, medical doctors and other specialized health care providers rely on for clinical understanding.

This teaming of multiple disciplines has led to a greater understanding of the human brain through better measurements and greater detail of brain processing and function.

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