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“I was feeling suicidal for 4 months.  Psychiatrist said I had brain damage due to a drinking binge…An EEG scan showed I had mini seizures…After doing the neurocoach program for a month my suicidal thoughts and feelings went away…after 1 year on the program I am working again and smiling and laughing again which I thought would never be possible again. Thanks for saving my life with your program, Dr. Cripe.”


“I didn’t realize what I had lost until Dr. Cripe helped me find it again. From my keys to my age, I seemed to lose track of just about everything. Years of drinking and drug use had severely affected my cognitive abilities.”

Before I started working with neurocoach, every day was a struggle – simple tasks were major events, conversations were unbearably uncomfortable, and emotions were always powerful and overwhelming.

The difference this program has made in my ability to manage my emotions is incredible. I have never been able to remain calm in difficult situations, never been able to logically think through trying circumstances – until now. It’s almost as if this program has allowed me to move from adolescence into adulthood. It has undoubtedly helped me reverse the damage I have done to my cognitive abilities, but in addition to doing so, it has helped me reach higher levels of functioning than I thought possible.

My social anxiety has decreased, my sleep has improved, and my relationships have become more meaningful. I am far more efficient when I am working, and far more relaxed when I am not. My overall quality of life is better. Far better. Quite frankly, that is what it boils down to for me. Years of therapy and a plethora of various medications do not come close to accomplishing what the program has accomplished in a short amount of time. I cannot speak highly enough of the difference this program has made in my life.”

J.E.-New York

“My life was forever turned around the morning of Labor Day, September 2nd, 2012 when I had a bicycle accident. One year later, I had already had five of my seven facial reconstruction surgeries, my body was healing well from dislocated and broken bones, but everything was not looking bright. No one seemed to understand what I was going through. Fortunately a friend had referred me to Dr. Cripe after he had helped her recover from a brain injury.

There were a number of remaining issues that seemed to plague my life. I would hesitate while speaking, turning my eyes to the left to search for my next word, often not able to retrieve the word that I had intended. I was not able to retain what people were saying, asking them to repeat what they had just said. I had difficulty recalling names, places and events. I was overwhelmed by lights, sounds and motion, feeling like the world was coming in at me. This was so disorienting that I would be seized by a disabling panic. For example, I was terrified to walk beyond my mailbox even though I had regained the physical ability to do so.

I was filled with hope after Dr. Cripe understood what I was going through and could articulate a path to recovery.

At the same time that I started the program with Dr. Cripe, I went back to school full time. It seemed crazy to take all of this on, but it turned out to be the perfect way to gauge my recovery.
As I went through Dr. Cripe’s program, I noticed that I could answer questions at school with less and less hesitation. The strange shifting of my eyes to the left stopped. I could retain the information during lectures long enough to write it down without asking to have it repeated. In fact, I was getting straight A’s on my homework and tests!

The overwhelming lights, sounds and motions started to become manageable. I could socialize, travel, fly my small plane and even walk beyond my mailbox with confidence again.
I am eternally grateful to Dr. Cripe for giving me a second shot at living a full life.”


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