Enhance and Repair Memory and the Aging Brain

The NeuroCoach® Training System for Enhancing and Repairing Memory helps the brain to remain flexible and resilient, retain and retrieve memory and maximize brain performance under stress. This program is for those who want to hone and sharpen their memory, whether due to the natural aging brain process or due to illness or other life events.

Memory is used by our brain to complete various tasks. The most important task is cognition (conscious thoughts). Memory is also necessary to learn, store and use information received. For adults, poor memory is often mistaken for dementia. Memory is divided into six major types, but for most folks, the actual root cause for these issues is poor working memory or short-term memory challenges.

At age 40 certain functions within the brain begin to slow. It is a natural process.  Cognitive assessments and neuro-imaging assessment will show whether memory loss is actually a physiological problem or other health related issues.

Memory issues in children are often mistaken for developmental and learning issues like ADD and other Learning Disabilities.  For children, memory and recall are critical to learning. Of equal importance is its role in furthering the development of the individual. Without memory function at full capacity the individual will often find studying, homework, or recalling the day’s events difficult at best.  At worst, the child may not remember how to do their homework based on what was taught during the day, or even that homework is required for the next day.

The NeuroCodeX report is a leading professional tool, by means of neuroimaging methods while the individual does a series of tests and tasks. The resulting report detects, quickly and accurately, how resilient the brain responds. If there is the presence of symptoms, traits, or dysfunctions in the cognitive processes these areas in the brain will show very specific, evidence-based cognitive markers, such as memory loss or memory retrieval issues.  There are also very specific dementia markers that will show up based on the NeuroEval and Cognitive Abilities testing and assessments.

The NTLgroup memory test can be used as a valid resource to perform a complete memory screening, which further allows the individual or clinician an understanding of the cognitive strengths and weaknesses of the individual. It also evaluates the risk level of cognitive deterioration or memory loss related to aging. 

NTLgroup CogCheck® Memory Program works to optimize the brain memory systems during online tasks and activities.

We currently work with memory repair to provide enhancement and improvements in memory and the following cognitive domains:

General Cognitive Abilities



Task Motivation

Task Engagement

Cognitive Load

Cognitive Fatigue

Attention Accuracy

Inhibitory Processing Speed (Distractions)

Inhibitory Control Accuracy

Task Error Response

With the aid of a Brain Computer Interface (BCI), NTLgroups NeuroCoach® Training System uses a set of brain performance metrics to let the user know how their brain is performing and functioning “in the moment”.  

These gauges provide instant visual feedback and insight into how that individual’s brain is performing during each task, which in turns strengthens and increases cognitive performance.

Our Process

Part 1: Map the Brain

The NeuroEval™ and NeuroCodex® Analysis is a proprietary process that identifies dysfunctional areas of the brain through neuro-electric imaging methods and modalities. The analysis utilizes evidence-based methods and tools to define as precisely as possible an individual’s brain function.

Part 2: Exercise the brain

The NeuroCoach® Training System is a proprietary hardware/software program that uses 2, 8 or 32 channel dry or wet sensors secured in a cap and placed on the head. These sensors align to specific areas of the brain for targeted brain function exercises.

Part 3: Achieve and refine results

The NTL CogCheck™ evaluator provides a comprehensive set of measures needed to yield insight into how the brain is operating under task and activity. The proprietary metrics provide a framework for developing and implementing an evidence-based individualized training program.

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Proven results

IQ increases 15-18 points
Cognitive Efficiency increases 12-17 points
Processing Speed increase 7-12 points
Distractibility increases 15-20 points
Focus increases 15-20 points
Memory increases 15-35 points

How coaches, trainers and clinicians can help their clients

A NeuroEngineered Approach to looking “inside” your client’s brain functions.

Cutting edge technology, tools, and programs help sort out issues that affect your clients. From the technologically advanced NeuroEval to reports generated based on that data, you can help your client through targeted engagement.

Whether you’re a therapist treating anxiety, depression or addiction or you’re a coach creating protocols to remediate concussions, NTLgroup can give you the systems to help your clients improve their lives and heal more effectively. Learn more about how NTLgroup can help your business.

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