NeuroCoach® exercises various brain systems based on individual strengths and weaknesses


How it Works

Just like in circuit training for muscle training…. NeuroCoach® activities are assigned for the brain that are intended to strengthen various brain systems based on strengths and weaknesses in brain circuits. We know what the brain should be doing and we measure the performance response in the brain during the brain exercises, which we use to influence the intensity of the activity. For example, if the brain is performing like it is supposed to, we increase the intensity of the activity. However, if the brain becomes overwhelmed, we decrease the intensity of the activity to allow the brain to work within the “sweet spot”. It is working within that sweet spot that the neuro tracks are laid down and reinforced.

Instead of working out arms, legs and cardio we are working on memory, executive function, regulation, sensory processing, brain processing speed, etc. with our various activities and brain based exercises. The resiliency of the brain function will determine the speed and intensity of the presentation of the activity.


Exercises to strengthen each area of the brain

NeuroCoach® offers proprietary exercises designed to treat specific parts of the brain

How NeuroCoach® Helps to Optimize the Brain



Training the Brain for Results

The NeuroCoach® Training System is a proprietary hardware/software program that uses 2 or 8 channel dry or wet sensors secured in a cap and placed on the users head. These sensors align to specific areas of the brain for targeted brain function exercises. The individualized programs are solutions based on the NeuroEval™ and NeuroCodex® Report of Findings as well as the Predictive Brain Analytics Report identification of the problems. Each program is based on specific protocols for each individual’s needs. This training is instrumental in allowing the brain to rebuild, strengthen, enhance and optimize through the targeted exercises.


Home Use NeuroCoach Training System

The Elite NeuroCoach® Training System is offered for clients wishing to enhance or optimize brain function, but who do not have a diagnosed brain issue. For home use clients we offer optimization for athletes, executive, students, the aging brain and those wanting to keep their “mental edge”. The Elite Performer can be self-administered with your personal computer at home or any location world-wide, at any time, for the convenience of the individual wishing to optimize their brain.

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