Predictive Analytics Report

We have collected behavioral and cognitive performance data from thousands of individuals with depression. 

During our predictive analytic study, we looked at over 200,000 data points to extract meaningful and useful brain features (brain systems) that contributed to the condition based on resting and active cognitive tasks. 

Armed with this information, the NeuroCoach® program can pin-point and train to very specific and isolated target areas of the brain.

Below are examples of what we found during the analysis. We looked at 14 clinically oriented conditions, such as depression, anxiety, PTSD etc, to find the most clinically significant regions of the brain that needed to be addressed

Anxiety Measure

Depression Measure

To that end, using classical predictive analytical methods, the NTLGroup team has developed the PAR report. This proprietary report predicts possible classes of clinical symptoms that a person might be experiencing based on how their brain is currently organized through an objective QEEG evaluation under task. 

As an added value to the clinician, we collect data using classical questionnaire means-answers and predictions to how a person subjectively is experiencing life. We simultaneously compare the individual’s subjective assessment with the objective measures of brain responses under tasks. 

These values are presented in the report for the clinician to use during therapy sessions. 

The NeuroCoach® Training system is quite effective in helping the clinician in the overall treatment process. The PAR targets ‘talking points’ as well as the possible need to address other physical health concerns and aids the clinician in addressing additional treatment considerations.

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