A Complete and Comprehensive Analysis of the Brain

Identify the Problem

Just as no two individuals are alike, neither are two brains.  An objective brain function assessment determines the necessary level of neuro-function required for proper cognitive abilities to perform in school, work and life.  This is the foundation for our NeuroEval™ Assessment. If the brain is not functioning optimally, what is the problem and where is it located? Backed by over 30 years of research, the goal of NeuroEval™ is to gain objective, evidence-based insight into what actually occurs inside the brain.  With this data we can determine what the problem is using measurable, scientific-based techniques in order to create valid solutions, thus allowing each individual to reach his or her full potential.

NeuroEval™ analyzes over 300 dimensions of brain activity as it relates to attention, memory, learning, thinking, perception, affect and expression.  These quantified measurements are summarized into a customized NeuroCodeX® Report of Findings.

Underlying Issues that Create Dysfunction

Brain processing data is collect along with multiple cognitive processing assessments during the NeuroEval™.  This multi-tiered analysis provides proper insights into an individual’s specific neuro-function, cognitive development and the inter-relationship between all brain systems.  In other words, it answers the question of how all the separate parts of the brain are working in relationship to the whole brain.  The analysis is designed to determine not only where there may be a disconnect or dysfunction, but also why the brain is not functioning as it should. Based on those objective determinants options are offered to the individual of how to retrain and/or overcome those deficits with the NeuroCoach® program.

The NeuroEval™ Analysis is a proprietary process that identifies dysfunction areas of the brain through neuro-electric imaging methods and modalities. It takes a “snapshot” of the brain, its processing and its present abilities as well as disabilities.  The analysis shows which areas of the brain need to be retrained or enhanced. The NeuroCodeX® Report of Findings makes sense of all data collected and represents the information in a systematic, easy to understand format that helps the client and family members understand their brain and its function.

The NeuroEval™ Data Analysis Examines:

  • Neuro Function
  • Brain Physiology
  • Biochemistry
  • Skill Levels
  • Neuro Development
  • Brain Systems Interactions
  • Individual Personality Traits
  • Environment Effects