A Summary and Identification of the Problem

What the Data Means

NeuroEval™ analyzes over 300 dimensions of brain activity as it relates to attention, memory, learning, thinking, perception, affect and expression.  These quantified measurements are combined with the NeuroCognitive assessments that take place during the brain mapping and then analyzed and summarized into a customized NeuroCodeX® Report of Findings.  This report outlines the analysis and identifies the specific areas of the brain that need strengthening or balancing.  The NeuroCodeX® Report of Findings is used as a guide to retrain the brain based on the identification of the problem.

The NeuroCodeX® Report of Findings is a proprietary report that makes sense of all the data collected and presents the information in a systematic, easy to understand format that helps the client (and family members) understand their brain and its function.  The Report will detail the problems that have been identified through the NeuroEval™ and will recommend the appropriate solutions that target specific brain areas. The NeuroCodeX®  recommends targeted programs that can assist in correcting brain-based issues. NeuroCoach® implements these individualized programs to help successfully overcome brain deficits.

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