Solutions to the Problem

Focusing on Helping Brain Based Dysfunctions

NeuroCoach® is an effective solution for those who suffer from neuro-developmental delays, head injuries, or addictions. The programs provide targeted exercises while simultaneously monitoring the client’s brain performance during sessions.

The NeuroCoach® programs are solutions based on the NeuroEval™ and NeuroCodeX® Report of Findings‘ identification of the problems.  Each program is based on specific protocols for each individual. This training is instrumental in allowing the brain to rebuild and strengthen through the targeted exercises.

How it Works

NeuroCoach® sends the participant’s brain wave activity to the proprietary computer program and allows the client as well as therapist to see his/her activity in “real-time”, thus providing visual and auditory feedback.  Based on how the client’s brain is functioning the program will help encourage wanted behavior and stop unwanted behavior.  All protocols are based on the individual client’s needs and assigned to customize their goals.

The NeuroCoach® Programs are comprehensive and focus on the individual’s specific needs. To learn more about each program please click the appropriate program.