NTLgroup is dedicated to overcoming brain dysfunctions that adversely affect brain development, addiction recovery, and traumatic brain injury. Its processes, products, and services include the following:

NeuroEval™ –  A proprietary analysis over 300 dimensions of brain activity as it relates to attention, memory, learning, thinking, perception, affect and expression. The evaluation combines neuro-imaging techniques with cognitive abilities assessments for a comprehensive view of an individual’s brain function, processing and development. (more)

NeuroCodeX® – Quantified NeuroEval™ measurements and summarizes the data into a customized NeuroCodeX® Report of Findings.  The report identifies the specific areas of the brain that need strengthening or balancing and is used as a comprehensive guide to brain remediation and training. (more)

NeuroCoach® – A proprietary set of programs that focuses on helping individuals overcome brain based dysfunctions, including neurodevelopment, addiction recovery, and traumatic brain injuries. (more)