NTL Group™ is a consortium of like-minded researchers and healthcare professionals whose primary object is to help those recovery addictions, traumatic brain injuries, and neurodevelopmental delays.

Combining neuro-engineering principles with neuroscience technologies has resulted in cutting-edge programs, processes, and cognitive rehabilitative techniques for those with brain-based dysfunctions.

NeuroEval™, NeuroCodeX®, and NeuroCoach® provide a complete end-to-end system of problem identification, which leads to the proper solution identification for brain based problems.  NeuroEval™ collects brain processing data through neuro-imaging technologies and cognitive abilities data with cognitive assessments. NeuroCodeX® analyzes this data to distill the raw data and numbers into an easy to understand summary of what the individual brain looks like and at what level it is functioning as compared to normative data. The Report of Findings offers descriptions of each brain system, its functioning ability and how those brain systems interacts independently or with other systems. Based on the Report of Findings specific programs are designed with individualized protocols intended to target each clients’ specific needs.

The NTLgroup™ processes and programs can be used independently or as an adjunct to other therapies and therapeutic programs.